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Fucking Bored. Dont Read It.

For this post I think theres nothing can do with the outsiders. Ingtkn nk snyap jep for 2-3 weeks nie,tp td Shukri Salim (My friend from I was still young till now) suroh aq update blog aq. Dia kate blog aq da brcendawan. Haha. Ok2. Fine Shukri Salim. Mlz jugak kdang2 nk menaip nie. Knape? Sastera bukan bdang aq r dherr. Xnmpak bpe byk post graphic aq da posts. Byk benda da jd 2-3 hari nie. N the almost things,she was broke my heart! God please make me strong. Thats all that I want. I think I can be longer with her but our destiny were make us till here only. I'm not blaming anyone,just always remind myself that 'I'm Not Perfect'. Always keep remind and remind. I can be insane if keep thinking about this thing. I know she was make the right decision for us. But this is the two times thats I threat by this way. Its killing me inside. Just me and myself know how its hurts. Thanks for everything sayang. I never said I love you when I dont meant about it. Wishing that you will get better life and better man after me. I'll be always be with you. Too much writing in english dherr. Aq ingt lg words yg dia ckp utk trima aq once time ago.
'Syg,phm org. Open minded,sporting and care about me.'
Xpela,even u r not with me, I always pray for your happiness and goodluck in your life. And tarikh 4 May org akn kenang smpai bile2. Thanks for everything. Around 3.30 a.m. jp ag,aq kne hntar my dad g ke tmpt transport. Sian jgak see him like that. Org bru nk tdo,dia bru nk g keje. As him son,I will try to help him with the way that I can afford. Life utk cuti sem kali nie cm xde different activity,just recycle what i'm doing last night and the night before. Just the night before lain skit la, g mmbantu my old friend yg dlm kesusahan, Haziq bin Hamsan. His sister was missed and runaway from home. Kenangkan dia kwan lma jerk. Kalo x,xde mse aq nk buang masa lepak dpan 7 Eleven almosts 2 hours! Malas nk cte byk psal nie sume. Just mereka yg ada jerk tau (Hakim,Bahrul,Shuib,Afiq,Haziq,Azrin,Apek,Aris dan Aku). Pnjg sgt nk cite. Xpela,keep it secret k. Ehm,there nothing important for strangers to know. Ok,thats all for this posts. So fucking bored for this posts. For my true friends,they will read it till lasts. Thanks friends. I love you. :) Hope all of you will support me until my last breath!
Pecah Kaca Pecah Simen, Sudah Baca Harap Komen. :)

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